Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (2024)

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The best mini desserts to bake when size matters. Whether you're looking for petit fours to serve after dinner or putting together a dessert table of bite-sized treats, perhaps looking for easy bite size desserts for parties, I have all the mini dessert recipes you need.

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (1)
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  • Best Mini Dessert Recipes
  • 1. Choux Au Craquelin
  • 2. Eclairs
  • 3. How To Make Macarons
  • 4. Mini carrot cakes
  • 5. Mini Tart Shells
  • 6. Classic Madeleines
  • 7. Mini Blueberry Muffins
  • 8. Mini Pie Crust
  • 9. Mini Brownie Bites
  • 10. Banana Mini Muffins
  • 11. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts
  • 12. Mini Bundt Cakes
  • 13. Pie Crust Cookies
  • 14. Pumpkin Hand Pies
  • 15. White Chocolate Covered Strawberries
  • 16. Mini Pumpkin Bundt Cake
  • 17. Mini Tiramisu Cups
  • 18. Financiers
  • 19. Chocolate Bonbon With Hazelnut
  • 20. Mini Pavlova
  • 21. Mini Cranberry Tarts
  • 22. Mini Caramel S'mores Cakes
  • 23. Peach Pie Pops
  • 24. Mini Key Lime Pies
  • 25. Mini Caramel Apple Pies
  • 26. Mini Chocolate Tarts
  • 27. Mini Red Velvet Cakes
  • 28. Mini Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream Cakes
  • 29. Mini Cheesecake Brûlée
  • 30. Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Pies
  • 31. Two-Bite Lemon Meringue Pies
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  • Top 31 Best Mini Desserts

They might be tiny, but bite-sized desserts, co*cktail party sweet canapes, and mini cakes can still pack a flavorful punch. After all, the best things come in small packages. These easy recipes for mini desserts are all reliable and trustworthy, as well as cute and delicious. And in my view, making smaller desserts means you can eat more of them, which is always a plus!

Best Mini Dessert Recipes

1. Choux Au Craquelin

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (2)

Once you have mastered choux pastry, there are so many mini desserts you can make. As choux buns bake, the water inside them turns to steam and acts as a rising agent, leaving a pocket behind that can be piped full of all sorts of delicious things like vanilla bean pastry cream. And adding a layer of craquelin turns them into utterly irresistible crispy cream puffs.

I love putting a spin on these classic French pastries and making tiny treats like Tiramisu choux au craquelin and Creme brulee choux au craquelin. Because why not elevate something even further if you can?

Choux Au Craquelin recipe

2. Eclairs

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (3)

Eclairs are another sweet finger food recipe you have to try. Long and elegant, eclairs are also made from classic choux pastry baked until golden brown and ready to be filled. I love them with creamy mascarpone frosting inside or whipped chocolate ganache. And for a final flourish, dip them in melted chocolate afterward.

Eclairs recipe

3. How To Make Macarons

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (4)

The ultimate dainty bite-sized dessert. Almond meringue cookies are sandwiched together with filling and there's simply nothing prettier. If you looking for pretty mini desserts for a baby shower or special event, look no further!

You can make macarons in so many flavors like Creme brulee macarons, Chocolate hazelnut macarons, Earl Grey macarons, or Pistachio Macarons. And if you're still feeling daunted, take my online macaron class.

How to make macarons recipe

4. Mini carrot cakes

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (5)

Carrot cake has the best texture, I'm sure you'll agree. Crazy moist with cream cheese filling and topped with soft, silky cream cheese frosting, it's one of my favorites. This mini dessert version of carrot cake is the perfect individual-size portion for the dessert table, you'll love it!

Mini carrot cakes recipe

5. Mini Tart Shells

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (6)

This Pâte Sablée aka Sweet shortcrust pastry makes the perfect French tart shells to use for your favorite tartlets, be it chocolate tart, lemon tart, or any fruit tart! Pâte Sablée is a delicious, buttery shortcrust that is sweet but not too sweet, a melt-in-the-mouth pastry dough that can turn any dessert into fancy French patisserie-like goodness! Making French shortcrust pastry - whether it is full-sized tart cases or mini tartlets like this recipe - is one of the baking basics definitely worth mastering as a home baker!

Check my tart recipes for plenty of delicious filling optons from chocolate to strawbery cream or coffee.

Mini Tart Shells recipe

6. Classic Madeleines

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (7)

Surely the best mini dessert to serve with coffee, French Madelines are dainty, sweet, and super tasty. These soft mini cakes are also really easy to make, and what's more, they are super versatile and can be flavored in many ways. All you'll need is a madeleine pan to make these classic shell-shaped cakes and no fancy ingredients.

Classic Madeleines recipe

7. Mini Blueberry Muffins

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (8)

Moist mini muffins are the ultimate cute small dessert or perfect portable breakfast, the best blueberry desserts in my view. Furthermore, this easy mini muffins recipe is made from only a few easy-to-find ingredients, and a full batch takes less than 15 minutes to bake. The only issue is how many of them you'll want to eat.

Mini blueberry muffins recipe

8. Mini Pie Crust

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (9)

Once you try this incredibly quick, easy, and super flakyhomemade Mini Pie Crust recipe, you will never want to buy those sad-looking supermarket mini pie shells ever again! Thisall butter individual pie shell recipeis based on my 3 ingredients pie crust that is absolutely delicious and requiresno fancy tools. There is also no need to blind bake these mini crusts and they work perfectly for tartlets, mini pies, and mini quiche!

Mini Pie Crust recipe

9. Mini Brownie Bites

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (10)

There can't be many people in the world who don't love brownies. Certainly, baking brownies is one of my favorite things to do, and brownie bites are the perfect mini-chocolate desserts to make for parties, snacks, and more.

10. Banana Mini Muffins

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (11)

What better way to use over-ripe bananas than super moist banana mini muffins? What's more, thiseasy mini dessert recipe has less than 10 ingredientsand takesunder 30 minutes to make. I love to throw in some chopped walnuts or pecans before baking for some added crunch.

Banana Mini Muffins recipe

11. Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (12)

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts are the ultimaterich and creamy Japanese desserts withcrunchy shortcrust tart base and distinct sweet and savory cheesy filling. Pâte Sablée aka Sweet shortcrust pastry tar filled with a combination of creamy, sweet, and savory dairy and cheese products such as heavy cream, Philadephia cream cheese, and parmesan cheese. You will love it, one of the best finger desserts for summer!

Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tarts recipe

12. Mini Bundt Cakes

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (13)

Whether you prefer fruity, nutty, tangy, or chocolatey desserts, you'll find a favorite amongst my 25 different flavor combinations of bundt cakes, made in mini! Cute and versatile and with a melt-in-your-mouth texture, what's not to love?

What's more, the mini bundt cake recipe comes together very easily, and it is totally doable from scratch. Even beginner bakers can do it!

Mini Bundt Cakes recipe

13. Pie Crust Cookies

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (14)

Ever wonder what to make with leftover pie dough? The scraps lying on your counter will never again be thrown away or languish in the fridge with no purpose. Instead, make these delectable little buttery cookies for the perfect mini treat.

Either use a cookie cutter to make fun shapes, or roll the dough into pinwheels and dust it with cinnamon sugar before baking to crunchy, sweet, and golden brown perfection.

Pie Crust Cookies recipe

14. Pumpkin Hand Pies

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (15)

Withcreamy pumpkin fillingand abuttery, flaky crust, these adorablepumpkin hand piesare a fun and easy dessert to add to your Thanksgiving dinner table. A portable alternative to the traditional pumpkin pie served during October and November, you won't want to stop at just one of these addictive mini pumpkin shape pies!

Pumpkin Hand Pies recipe

15. White Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (16)

Sometimes, simplicity is the key to success. White chocolate-dipped strawberries are ideal mini desserts for a date night, Valentine's Day, or an anniversary. They take minutes to make (learn how to melt chocolate perfectly) and taste utterly divine.

White Chocolate Covered Strawberries recipe

16. Mini Pumpkin Bundt Cake

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (17)

Get the holiday season off to a flying start withperfectly spiced pumpkinmini cakes topped with the most divinebuttery maple glaze. Whether you're making a Thanksgiving dessert table or just want some seasonal snacks, this is the mini dessert recipe for you.

Mini Pumpkin Bundt Cake recipe

17. Mini Tiramisu Cups

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (18)

This is one of my favorite mini desserts for the summer, an easy individual desserts for a crowd. Tiramisu is also one of the most famous Italian desserts and now you can enjoy it in bite-sized form! And what's more, it's a no-bake mini dessert you can make in under 20 minutes. Ladyfingers are topped with light mascarpone cream, and rich espresso coffee, and dusted with a touch of chocolate cocoa powder.

Mini Tiramisu Cups recipe

18. Financiers

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (19)

Elegant French financiers are long finger cakes made with nut flour and browned butter, and you can have so much fun with flavor combinations.

Their cute and dainty rectangular shape is said to be reminiscent of bars of gold, hence their name. Serve these little tea cakes in the afternoon with a hot drink or as petit fours after dinner.

Financiers recipe

19. Chocolate Bonbon With Hazelnut

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (20)

Homemade bonbons are somewhat of a well-kept secret. People just don't know how easy they are to make! But even beginner bakers can make these delicious mini desserts and trust me, once you start you won't be able to stop.

This bonbon recipe is one of my favorite mini chocolate desserts to make and works perfectly after dinner.

Chocolate Bon Bon With Hazelnut recipe

20. Mini Pavlova

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (21)

My signature Pink Mini Pavlova dessert with raspberries has the most perfect crunchy texture on the outside and marshmallow texture inside! Pavlova is naturally gluten-free, in fact, the recipe uses only a few ingredients you probably already have at home. Making this mini pavlova recipe is not difficult, does not take much time, however similarly to most meringue-based recipes, it needs attention, accuracy, and a bit of practice.

Mini Pavlova recipe

21. Mini Cranberry Tarts

The perfect mini-dessert for the holiday season. Cute and dainty with delicious cranberry flavor, these mini tarts are surely bound to be popular. Plus, they're so pretty with classic sugared cranberries on top and sprigs of fragrant rosemary.

22. Mini Caramel S'mores Cakes

A cute bite-sized twist on everyone’s favorite summertime dessert, and no campfire required! Deeply chocolatey caramel-filled mini cakes are topped with an elegant swirl of toasted marshmallow meringue and finally, a decadent square of white chocolate. I'd certainly choose this over traditional s'mores any day.

23. Peach Pie Pops

I'm sure you'll agree that mini-pie pops are the cutest, lovely finger desserts for summer! Whilst you may have made cake pops before, pie pops are a pretty well-kept secret but they make excellent baked mini desserts for all seasons. This recipe is filled with delicious summer peaches, but you could make apple, plum, or even pumpkin versions.

24. Mini Key Lime Pies

Surprisingly, mini key lime pies only contain 7 ingredients and take 30 minutes to bake! There's a crunchy Graham Cracker crust, smooth and creamy filling, and finally, lightly toasted meringue to top it all off. Cute key lime pie bites are perfect for parties, potlucks, and celebrations and have the perfect mix of texture and taste.

25. Mini Caramel Apple Pies

A lovely individual desserts for a crowd during Fall time. Small apple pies with caramel are filled with the most incredible apple pie filling encased in buttery pastry and can be served warm or cold. I'd serve these mini pies topped with whipped cream during the holiday season too, they would be such cozy mini desserts for Thanksgiving.

26. Mini Chocolate Tarts

You won't be able to get enough of the smooth, rich chocolate ganache inside the crisp buttery tart shells of these chocolate mini tarts. They're perfect for a party drizzled in more chocolate and topped with fresh and freeze-dried raspberries. Perfecting chocolate pâte sablée (sweet pastry) can take some practice, but it's well worth it for the results of these mini chocolate desserts,

27. Mini Red Velvet Cakes

Everyone's favorite viral cake flavor is back but in tiny form. Cute mini layers of moist red velvet sponge are stacked with cream cheese frosting to form a pretty mini dessert that people will love.

Make my full-size red velvet cake for parties where you want a single showstopper!

28. Mini Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Cream Cakes

Pound cake, ice cream, jam, and chocolate. That's all you need to make these mini ice cream desserts! They are perfect mini desserts for summer and can be adapted in so many ways to suit you, like a mini ice cream sundae! You'll need ring molds to get the perfect clean lines, but it's well worth grabbing that extra piece of kit.

29. Mini Cheesecake Brûlée

Here are two desserts adored around the world, in one bite. Cheesecake and crème brûléeare universally popular and now you can serve them together as one dessert in delicious mini cheesecake bites. The burnt sugar caramelized top perfectly cuts through the rich tang of the cheesecake and provides the most amazing crunch. And I can't get over how cute they are!

30. Mini Chocolate Peanut Butter Pies

Unbelievably, these mini peanut butter chocolate desserts are a lot easier to make than you might think! And the toffee graham cracker crust topped with creamy peanut butter filling, and silky chocolate ganache topping is sure to satisfy any sweet craving.

They are also easy mini desserts you can make ahead and freeze, which makes life easier if you're party planning!

31. Two-Bite Lemon Meringue Pies

The only thing you need to consider before baking these adorably mini lemon meringue pies is how many you'll need to make. Because trust me, they will be popular. The crisp mini tart shell, lemon curd, and soft torched meringue make the perfect combination of flavor and texture in the cutest package.

Mini Desserts FAQs

What are mini desserts?

Mini desserts are your favorite dessert recipes, made mini! Imagine a bite-sized apple pie, mini muffin, mini cheesecakes, or mini pie pops. Baking easy mini desserts for a party means that guests can sample several and be spoilt for choice.

How many mini desserts per person?

If serving mini desserts at a party, allow minimum 2-3 per person.

How small are mini desserts?

Mini desserts are generally just a few small bites, and can often be picked up and enjoyed like a sweet canape. However, often individual serving sized desserts eg. a tiramisu cup is also considered to be mini dessert.

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Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (26)

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Top 31 Best Mini Desserts (27)

Top 31 Best Mini Desserts

The best mini desserts to bake when size matters. Whether you're looking for petit fours to serve after dinner or putting together a dessert table of bite-sized treats, perhaps looking for easy bite size desserts for parties, I have all the mini dessert recipes you need.

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Top 31 Best Mini Desserts


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