The Truth About Ben Shapiro's Sister And The Controversy That Surrounds Her (2024)

Celebrities and their family getting harassed and bullied online isn’t a new thing at all, not to mention singer Selena Gomez and others getting trolled online for weight gain. It may be sad to see any personality getting harassed and receiving threatening messages online, but it is sadder when family members are trolled just because they are connected to some big names.

Apparently, the same thing happened to controversial political commentator Ben Shapiro’s sister, Abigail “Abby” Shapiro. Take a look at the difficult controversy surrounding her.

Who Is Ben Shapiro’s Sister, Abigail?

Abigail Shapiro, sister of the famous columnist, editor, writer, and host Ben Shapiro, was born in a conservative Jewish family in Los Angeles and later shifted to Orthodox Judaism. As for her career, she started out as a singer in Manhattan musicals then later got into acting.

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She then became a YouTuber in 2020. Her YouTube channel gives advice to women on how to be classic and conservative. She has also shared her outdated opinions on the way women should behave. Though she is not as aggressive as some feel Ben is, she has expressed strong opinions as well. Since then, she has been known to be the victim of harsh and hateful internet trolling.

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Why Is Abby Shapiro Being Trolled?

Abigail became a victim of extensive online antisemitic bullying and trolling when people discovered her identity. She later attributed some of this outrage to her political beliefs in her April 2020 video titles, “Why I Came Out As Conservative: Conservative Women NEED A Community.” Now, known as “Classically Abby,” she is somehow following the footsteps of her brother Ben to become a conservative commentator.

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Unlike her brother, she takes more of a “lady-like” approach to spread her viewpoints on social media. On her platform, she promotes herself as the “conservative influencer” and has garnered over 96k subscribers on YouTube, 60k Twitter followers, and 34k followers on Instagram. Her signature motto, “Let’s Be Classic,” emphasizes her belief in the importance of adopting a conservative lifestyle based on femininity and tradition.

She is certainly a controversial figure, though not as much as Ben Shapiro – who some feel previously tweeted misogynistic comments about Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s WAP. She also took to Twitter to publicly support her brother on the lyric issue of the song. She tweeted, “@benshapiro choosing not to debase himself by reading the uncensored lyrics of that garbage song is why I’m proud to be his sister. That’s what I like to call classic.”

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Adding fuel to trolling, she posted criticism of superstar Taylor Swift in March 2020, claiming that she had lost interest in the songstress after she became a social justice warrior (SJW). Fans of Taylor immediately came to her defense, suggesting that Abigail should examine her own internalized misogyny. However, the worst-case scenario of trolling took place due to her brother’s fault.

Has Ben Shapiro Made The Trolling Even Worse?

Ben has been publicly open about his criticisms of the LGBTQ movement. In September 2020, he tried to make a case on Twitter regarding hom*osexuality and transgenderism as something as an urge that needs to be controlled. He then compared it to having sexual desires for a sibling – to which many reacted and commented that it could be related to Ben’s sister. According to Snopes, these tweets are fake - but of course, Twitter users didn't know that at the time, and were freaked out by what they read.

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One gushed, “Is Ben Shapiro admitting to doing things with his sister’s used undies? Also, wt.f does his sister’s panties have to do with hom*osexuality?” Another tweeted, “That kinda sounds like the same logic as ‘we can use gay as an insult because we’re not actually talking about literal hom*osexuality.’ It’s still making a negative association.”

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Ben reportedly deleted the controversial tweet but traces were left, indelibly, on societal minds. His sister was already dragged into the issue because of a terrible analogy. Abby continues to be a target for those who dislike her brother and his views, but she stands behind her family and her values.

This does, however, continue to rub people the wrong way with her tweets. In December 2021, one of Abby's controversial tweets blew up after Abby attempted to slu*t-shame Madonna by comparing her to Nancy Reagan. "This is Madonna at 63. This is Nancy Reagan at 64," Abby tweeted, coupled with an image of the two women.

"Trashy living vs. Classic living. Which version of yourself do you want to be?" Several fans took to social media to defend Madonna, with some pointing out that Abby clearly hadn't done her research because "Nancy Reagan, like most of us, had a past." Abby continues to educate her followers on "classic living" which includes being "lady-like" and "conservative." She also shares parts of her personal life with fans, including the birth of her baby boy.

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The Truth About Ben Shapiro's Sister And The Controversy That Surrounds Her (2024)
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