The simple secret that helps you juggle multiple priorities & gets your customers to take action (2024)

The simple secret that helps you juggle multiple priorities & gets your customers to take action (1)

Today, let’s talk about a tool in our everyday life that is simple yet so effective at creating action: deadlines.

Some call “waiting” until the deadline to complete a task procrastination. I call it deadline driven prioritization.

We encounter deadlines in our everyday life. Here are a few in my personal life right now:

  1. Deadline to order flowers from the local florist for my mom so they arrive on Mother’s Day.

  2. Deadline to register for a running race I want to do before the price increases.

  3. Deadline to go to a restaurant I have a gift card for before it expires.

You may associate deadlines with stress and last-minute rushes, but deadlines are actually one of my favorite tools for managing a seemingly never-ending to-do list and encouraging customer engagement.

Let me show you how setting clear, simple deadlines can transform your workflow and customer interactions.

I've found that one of the biggest challenges both I and many others face is managing the overwhelming number of tasks we have on our plates. Can you relate? Here’s how I use deadlines to streamline my workload:

1. Creating a sense of urgency

When I set deadlines for myself, it helps me prioritize what needs to be done first and pushes me to complete tasks on time. This is especially crucial for projects that are important but not urgent.

How to use it: Mark your calendar with deadlines for each task, and set reminders a day or two before. Apps like Google Calendar can help keep you accountable.

2. Improving time management

Breaking down a big project into smaller tasks with individual deadlines has been a game-changer for me. It makes projects manageable, whether they have 3 steps or 300.

For example, when I create these posts, I set deadlines for drafting the content, designing the emails, and running tests. That way, I stay on track and everything flows smoothly.

Not to mention the dopamine rush that comes every time you check an item off the list – accomplishment, check!

How to use it: For your next project, use a digital calendar or project management app to set deadlines for each small task and monitor progress regularly. There are lots of free project management apps you can use – I’ll write a post on that soon.

3. Prioritizing tasks effectively

With many projects running simultaneously, setting deadlines helps me prioritize tasks based on their urgency and impact. This ensures I’m always working on what will drive my business forward. When you know what needs immediate attention and what can wait, you can schedule out your tasks based on priority.

How to use it: At the beginning of each week, create a priority list. Assign deadlines to high-priority tasks first, and review this list daily – with yourself and in your team meeting if you have one.

Motivating customers externally

Deadlines are also incredibly effective for driving customer action. Here’s how:

1. Encouraging quick decisions

When you give potential customers a deadline, such as a limited-time offer or a registration cut-off for an event, they're more likely to make a decision quickly.

How to use it: Next time you have a product launch or special offer, set a clear deadline and highlight it in all promotional materials and social media posts.

2. Increasing perceived value

Setting a deadline for a special offer can make your product or service seem more valuable. For instance, offering a downloadable guide for free as a bonus for purchases made within the next 48 hours can create a rush to buy.

How to use it: Use a countdown timer on your website and include the limited availability messaging in your promotion plan.

3. Driving campaign momentum

Whether it’s launching a new product or hosting a seasonal sale, setting clear deadlines can generate buzz and encourage more immediate engagement. For instance, announcing that a special pricing offer will end by a certain date motivates customers to act rather than postpone their decision.

How to use It: Plan your marketing calendar to include specific start and end dates for each campaign. Use these dates in your marketing to keep customers informed and excited.

While deadlines are super powerful and effective, they only work if people know about them.

Here’s how to communicate deadlines clearly:

  • Internally: Ensure you (and every team member, if you have a team) knows the deadlines and understands why they are in place (what happens if you miss the deadline?). Regular reminders and visual cues can help keep the deadlines top-of-mind. If you’re a solo business, organize your deadlines on a calendar or in a project management tool so you can clearly prioritize what to work on, and when.

  • Externally: Promote customer-facing deadlines throughout all your marketing channels. Include them on your website. In emails, social media, ads, articles, videos. Make sure the message is clear and repeated several times so that no one can miss it. You may feel like you’re repeating yourself, but remember that no one is thinking about these deadlines as much as you are. They need reminders. When you feel like you’ve said it enough, say it again.

If you think your network might find this helpful, feel free to share it with them.



Deadlines are a simple yet powerful tool. They help us prioritize and manage tasks more effectively and encourage our customers to take timely action. If you’ve been avoiding deadlines or seeing them only as stress inducers, I hope I can help you turn them into a motivator instead.

With clear deadlines, you’re not just working on your tasks; you’re strategically managing your time and resources to achieve more with less stress.

Remember, whether it’s your daily workflow or customer interactions, a well-set deadline can be the secret to taking control and driving action.

So, how will you use deadlines to your advantage this week?

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P.S. The image for this post was created using Microsoft Copilot. The prompt I used was, “Please create an image of a woman working in a coffee shop on her laptop. she is happy and crushing her goals. Someone we all want to be.”

The simple secret that helps you juggle multiple priorities & gets your customers to take action (2024)
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