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“Hey, can I get a pecha pancake platter and two oran juices to room three-eleven?” Early morning sunlight broke through the curtains to hit Reggie, combined with his almost naked form, still wet from his shower, served to create a stunning image I’d be using in my fantasies later.

“Sure, no problem. It’ll be up shortly.” Hanging up the room phone, I lean back in the desk chair to drink in his image.

“Staring is rude, you know?” I suppress the urge to roll my eyes and continue staring.

“And I’m sure telling me that necessitated you posing and flexing, too. Besides, turnabout is fair play.” His smirk is back, but It’s more arousing than annoying now.

“Was that breakfast?” Our stomachs protest their emptiness at the thought of food.

“Mhmm. I have a busy day today, so I’ll have to leave almost immediately after breakfast.”

“Damn.” When his smirk disappears, I get up and pull him to the bed.

“Buuuuut, breakfast isn't here yet, and It’d be rude to leave without a proper goodbye.”

“And we know how much you’d hate to be rude.” He mumbles against my lips before we kiss, and I get too preoccupied to think about anything else.


After breakfast and some fun that delayed me even more, I eventually left Reggie with my number and a kiss that deepened far more than it should have out in the hall.

Pulling a premier ball off my belt, I released Merlin, who had been transferred during breakfast. When the light had faded, my Gardevoir was next to me. With an annoyed look, he connected us telepathically. That was excessive, you’re excessive. We are precisely forty-three minutes late, and you kept me in the ball the entire time! His annoyance had turned to a very adorable pout.

You’re right. I got distracted, and I’m sorry.. I’ll get you some magost ice cream when we get home, ok?

Good. Merlin, mollified by the thought of his favorite ice cream, grabs my shoulder and teleports us home.

Teleporting varied depending on the power of the pokemon using the move and their proficiency with it. Merlin’s was a smooth transition and a swirl of color that left me just a tad disoriented.

The reds and browns of the Swellows Nest hallways faded as blue and green took over my vision. When the psychedelic trip ended, I was on the hill overlooking my house and my pokemon’s pasture. Can you go get Bea while I set everything up?

I want two scoops for making me a taxi. It earns me an eye-roll, but he vanishes all the same. The walk down is calming; as fun as the rest of the world is, something about this place makes me unwind and be at ease.

“MOM, I’M HO--” The entrance of our house gave an unobstructed view of the sitting room couch upon which my mom and Director Clavell sat having tea. “Director, what a…pleasant surprise seeing you here, having…tea with my mother.” Their reaction was immediate and filled with embarrassment, which I am absolutely not thinking about. With a clear of his throat and the clink of the cup being placed on the table, my headmaster stood and regarded me.

“Ah, yes. Mr. Cypress, I was hoping to talk with you.” His pace is slow as he walks to me, wiping his hands on his jacket. “There’s been an opening in, uh, in a field trip opportunity, and I was curious to see if something like that would be of any interest.”

“Uhm, sure. I’m just gonna,” I gesture behind me while grabbing the door. “I’m just gonna go.” As soon as the door is in between them and me, I turn around and book it up the hill toward my pokemon.

Suppressing that whole interaction as much as possible, I head further into the pastures. Bea would take around an hour to set up everything before she could leave, so I should take care of a few things.

“Cid’s Ironworks, how can I help you today?” CI was the highest-rated metal worker in all of Paldea and Galar combined and seemed reasonably priced, too.

“Hey, I’ve got a Scizor that took a real beating last night. He took a lot of pretty strong fire punches, and his carapace isn’t in great shape. There are some dents, cracks, and a few warps, and I’m looking to try to get him fixed up as soon as possible.”

“Yikes, sounds like someone had an intense fight. We can get you in for a consultation at four forty-five today. Does that sound good?” Fighting Bea should take an hour, maybe an hour and a half, a bit to rest, get something to eat, and then teleport. It should work fine.

“Sounds good, thanks.”

Climbing the fifty-three steps would’ve been impossible in the past. Spine and knee issues had me very limited in what I could do. Now, though, my body was ache and pain-free, and I could do it while making a phone call, too! When I reached the top, I got to look over the pastures and fields that housed my friends for maybe a second or two before I was spotted and immediately swarmed.

After half an hour of ensuring everyone got a hug and a pet and ensuring my new Magikarp was in the lake, I set off toward the only building up there. Passing by the tallest plateau, I glimpse my prickliest pokemon lying under a sizeable pink tree.

Legendaries were undoubtedly different from what I remembered. There was a publicly acknowledged tier list that would always make the rounds anytime one of them ended up in public. At the bottom were the pseudo-legendaries. Almost everyone who had one was publicly known. They’re the ones that people follow, the ones with talent and power, people from Families, or the Champions themselves. A cut above the rest, so to speak.

Above them are the ones with more than one of their kind: the elemental birds, Darkrai, the Regis, and even Ipon, my Urshifu. They are strong, but the kind of strength someone skilled could plan for and fight against.

Number three on our list was for the singularly powerful pokemon. You had ones like the Swords of Justice, the Tapu, and the ruin pokemon.

Finally, we get to the last tier, where nothing makes sense, and anything is possible. It’s also one that is basically theoretical to the rest of the world, but I know it actually exists. Pokemon that are aspects of reality itself, and when you share this rank with the all-powerful Llama himself, you know you’re powerful. These are real Gods. Things you don’t fight against so much as just throw everything you have at it and hope it gets tired and takes a nap so you can run away.

Another problem when remembering certain things was that some memories were seemingly ‘edited.’ That random dynamax cave thing in the Crown Tundra? There weren’t any legendary pokemon in that. All my battles there were untouched except for the end of each ‘run,’ where my recollection just…stopped. Terrakion, Virizion, Cobalion, and Keldeo had absolutely no desire to be caught in a ball, and I saw no reason to try.

Calyrex was terrific and, much like Zamazenta, decided to stay and keep watch over Galar. Which was disheartening because who didn’t want an incredible psychic type? My Regis were next and were overall my easiest captures. Solve a puzzle, enter a temple, have some intense fights, and throw enough ultra balls to put a mart out of business. From what I’d noticed, though, they weren’t as sentient as you’d expect. They were living embodiments of their type for sure, capable of following directions and even somewhat autonomous. But still, it just didn’t seem like there was much more in there. They were almost golem-like; it was weird.

Far and away, my most challenging encounter in the Tundra was also my most rewarding. From long battles to more prolonged chases, the hassle of getting a cutting of that massive Arceus damned tree, and having to battle what seemed like an entire hoard of those fat f*cking tree rats, my perseverance paid off. The dark forms of Boreas, Hermes, and Hades, my Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltress, respectively, can usually be found under the dyna tree replica, lounging around, snacking on its fruit, and nominally serving as an alarm system.

Waving to the three brothers, I continued to the stables. There were indoor beds for my friends to sleep on if the weather was bad or they just wanted to. Further in was a quick heal machine and a transport system; even further past that was my destination. A room double the size of my apartment back… in my old apartment, filled with more food than I could eat in a year but would only last about two months before I would need to restock. Meats ranging from Tauros steaks to Seaking fillets, with fruits, veggies, and snacks of all kinds, filled the freezers and pantries here. Those, coupled with the high-quality poke chow and various vitamins, made up most of the meals here and where I’d be for the next hour, preparing breakfast for everyone.

Time passed in a blur of plates, food, and cleaning after everyone had been fed. Now I’m no stranger to manual labor, but f*ck if this wasn’t some of the most tiring sh*t I’ve ever done. Even with pokemon, who you could somewhat communicate with, it just meant that I was running a school instead of a farm.

As I finish washing the various bowls and plates, Merlin’s psychic presence rings out, searching for my mind. “I brought the punchy one, and I had to wait soooooo long! I think having to deal with so many brutes earns me a third scoop.”

I can’t help but chuckle at my ridiculous pokemon as I head toward the entrance. “There are two scoops for you in the second freezer. Thank you for teleporting them, Merlin; I appreciate it.” A surge of warm feelings fills the bond before it’s cut, leaving my mind my own again. By the time I got to the drop-off area, Bea had migrated to where my fighting types were training, joining with Ipon and Ruby to teach the little ones.

“So fighting obsessed, you won’t even give your friend a hug? For shame, Bea!” With a jump, she turns to look at me before breaking off in a dead sprint toward me. Halfway to me, her posture changes, and her smile turns mischievous, leaving me precious few seconds to switch from bracing for a hug to dodging a kick from a now-flying Bea. Crashing to the ground doesn’t seem to bother her at all because a second later, I have to lean back to dodge a sidekick aimed at my neck. The world fades around me, giving most of my attention to my opponent.

The sun was high in the sky when we collapsed next to each other. “You’re a right bastard for not telling me about the new pokemon you found.” I can’t really turn to look at her right now; thanks to an unblocked kick, she landed, so I watch the clouds and bird pokemon instead.

“So you don’t want your gift, then? Got it.” Her gasp makes me smile as I see her quickly sit up from the corner of my eye.

“Argh, f*ck!” She disappears from my vision as she lays back down, clutching her stomach.

“Ha! That’s what you get for leaving yourself open.”

“Why don’t you turn and say that to my face?!” There’s quiet for maybe a few seconds before we break into laughter. “Alright, f*ck off and give me my present.”

“Yea, yea, I’m gettin' it. Her—” The massive pink blob that takes up most of my vision cuts me off before I can finish calling her name.

“Blissy.” Her voice is as loud as thunder in the silence that has overtaken the field around us. She rises a little to stare at Bea and our pokemon Ipon and Crusher, Bea’s Machamp, who had elected to copy us and have their own fight. “Blissy! Lissy, Bliss Bliss!”

Somewhere during the scolding that would make every parent clap in applause, she heals us and, after one last glare in our direction, returns to where the youngest of my pokemon were playing. “Great pokemon, terrifying as Giratina themself but just fantastic.” Ipon has dragged Crusher over to greet the rest of the team, leaving Bea and me alone. “C’mon, let’s go see Heracross. She’s been eager to meet you.” Across the pasture from us was where my fighting types usually hung out. Rocky outcroppings and long slabs of stone surrounded a flat area of ground where two of my pokemon were currently sparing. Watching the fight were a couple dozen of my pokemon. Among them was Heracross and her new friend Petilil.

Catching their eyes over the crowd, I turn to Bea and distract her from the fight. “Y’know, Sneasel wasn’t the only surprise fighting type I found.” I can feel her excitement as she tenses, slowly turning her head to meet my eyes.

“Show. Me.” Her hands latch onto my shirt and pull me closer. “Now!” Heracross comes to our rescue as she lands next to us, Petilil clinging to her horn and screaming joyfully. Almost immediately, Bea’s attention laser focuses on the giant blue beetle. “AHHHHH! Look at you! Your shell looks great. I bet you could take a hit, no problem. Plus, with that horn, we could train you in flips! And with those wings, you could do all sorts of aerial moves! Ahhhh, I’m so hyped up!”

I reach my hand to the little plant pokemon so she can jump on and carry her closer to Bea. “Are you ready to meet your trainer, Petilil?” Pure joy erupts from the little one as she practically jumps off my hand onto a surprised blond-haired trainer.

“Oh! Uh, hi there. I’m Bea. What’s your name?” Petilil, who’s been waiting nearly a year for this, can’t help but shout.


“Oh, Arceus. Someone sure is excited, huh? Are you my surprise then?”

“Almost.” I found many evolutionary stones back in Hisui. Sometimes, you couldn’t walk somewhere without seeing one, and the distortions only amplified that. I kept the largest and most vibrant ones for myself, including the sun stone I was pulling from my pocket. Petilil, seemingly drawn to the stone's energy, focused on my hand the second a little bit of the glow escaped my pocket. I lift the glowing glass-like rock up and keep the little one entranced by the light, which lets me speak in peace. Only for Bea to interuppt me.

“Cayden, did you buy that?! I can’t pay you back for that. If it was a regular one, I could swing it, but th--“

“Shhh, hush. I didn’t buy it. Now, c’mon, you’re ruining the presentation! Ahem! When I disappeared last year, I saw a lot of things. Among them were some surprising evolutions and different variants.” I tilted my head to the right, where a Hisuian Arcanine watched over a group of Growlithe. “One of those was a Petilil evolution that I knew I had to have and would need to give you. So I asked around, spent some time with them, and got a couple to agree. This one,” I say, motioning to the one sitting frozen in her hands. “was battle-obsessed right from the start and would be perfect for you. It’s time, Petilil.”

Snapping out of her trance, the grass pokemon smiles and leaps toward my hand, crossing the gap in a second and erupting in blinding white light. “LILLIGANT!” The Hisuian Lilligant spins around us, ecstatic that she has legs and arms now as she poses and dances around us. Seconds later, her dance changes as she suddenly stops before a rock and cracks it in half with a descending leg.

“Holy buggering f*ck!” Without even looking at me, she grabs my arm and pulls me closer, her voice a high whisper. “I love you so much right now.”

“I know. Here are their pokeballs. Merlin will take you back when you’re ready. Call me when you can, k?” I hear a vague confirmation as she stares frozen at her new pokemon. Palming Ken’s ball, I check my watch for the time. With an hour till the appointment, I packed and gathered my team. Albus, can you gather team four and meet me at the entrance in ten minutes? We’re heading out for a bit. Seconds later, the aged mind of my Alakazam connects with mine.

As you wish. Ten minutes later, after a quick shower and change, I’m getting teleported to the edges of Circhester, which was so much more expansive in real life. There was a proper tourist city here, and people came from all over for the high fashion and snow activities.

A short cab ride takes me to my destination on the west side of town, where hotels, expensive restaurants, and flashing lights give way to brick buildings and the feel of old work. Cid’s Ironworks is by far the biggest building on this street; massive smoke towers and what looks to be a hanger emerge from the innocuous front building. Stepping into the office gives me flashbacks of waiting in countless mechanic’s front offices.

In a few minutes, I’ll be standing before an older bearded man as he looks over the damage Ken took. “Where did you get his coat done?”

“Well, that's a change of pace. Usually, people's first question has something to do with his height.”

He waves me off as he grabs an overhead light and looks closer at one of Scizor's shoulders. “Eh, there are always perfect examples of a species. Whether they’re larger or stronger doesn't interest me. What does is how his coat was applied. We usually use molds for smaller, more precise coats; this was layered on. Not to mention, this metal is almost completely iron, from what I can tell.”

Well…sh*t. Trying to calm down, I start doing what I do best, bullsh*t. “Ah, that’d be because we were pretty far away from anyone that could help Ken, but we were staying in a remote village where an old man agreed to fire up his forge if I helped out around town. He dusted off his tools a few days later and helped him evolve.” That seems to satisfy him as he starts cutting off parts of ruined armor.

“Interesting. Anyway, it'll take maybe an hour to get done here, then an hour to cool and ensure it sets right. We're looking at probably fifteen to twenty thousand for a complete replacement.”

“That's no problem; I’ll wait.” Grabbing a chair, I pull out my notes while keeping Ken in my peripheral. After Ken is done, I'd have to pick up my team, teleport back to Petalburg, and set off. Hopefully, I could get on the road before night hits. I have two days to get to Rustboro, and hopefully, I’ll get some rest before my fights on Wednesday. I'll try to get them some training before the match with Roxanne.

We need to get Bowser to set up a little faster, ensure his grass moves are in good shape, and do some speed training.

Suzu needs work with her fighting-type moves. She defaults to her poison moves if I don't give her a specific command. Let’s see if we can push out a little more power.

Mal can work on aqua jet and, once that's down, see if we can use it to dodge. I also need to start teaching her swords dance.

For the non-fighting members of my team, energy reserve training is the best option. See if we can get some more oomph in their attacks.

Regarding travel, the woods should be done in a day and change if I stay focused, Arceus willing. Plus, the map says there’s some kind of small town between the forest and Rustboro. I will probably restock there if I need to.

The rest of my time waiting is spent checking inventory and answering emails until Kenpachi is refitted.


By the time I got home, with coffee and instructions for Ken to take it easy for a week, Bea had returned home to Stow-on-Side. This left me to get dinner ready before I headed out. Taking a deep breath, I whistle to grab everyone's attention. A few minutes later, I was the center of a small horde of pokemon’s attention. “I don’t have enough time to cook for everyone tonight, so we’re doing family-style!” With Astrid’s help, giant pans of meat, veggies, and fruits are laid out among the crowd. “Enjoy, everyone!” Catching my Decidueye before she can grab her own, I quickly pull her to the side. “You and Queenie make sure everyone’s ready for the fight, ok?” I get a nod before she jumps into the air to land on Behemoth and steal his food. I get a teleport back from Merlin, who has quickly grown grumpy from having to ferry us everywhere.

This isn’t even a battle! I’m being used like one of those damn birds, as if I’m a taxi!

I know, I’m sorry. It must be very taxing for you; I’ll have Albus do it from now on.

ALBUS?! He can barely think without a headache, let alone take you anywhere. I didn’t know it was possible to communicate a sigh, but somehow Merlin managed it. Fine. I suppose I’ll have to make sure you don’t end up in a mountain or somewhere equally terrible, but you’re only calling me for help from now on.

Alright, if that’s what you want, I could just as easily have the others do it if you want?

Nonsense. No one should be teleporting you so far but me. With that, he disappears, leaving me.

It’s nearly eight when I leave the glowing Petalburg city behind. The well-maintained roads and trees give way to the slightly more wild landscape beyond.

If I get a brain aneurysm, I'm gonna punch god - Chapter 10 - SeeWhatISeek - Pocket Monsters | Pokemon (2024)
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