Fuerza Regida Brings Pero No Te Enamores Tour to Amerant Bank Arena (2024)


Despite being a regional Mexican band, Fuerza Regida's shows more closely resemble a hip-hop concert. Check them out when the group lands in South Florida this summer.

By Osvaldo Espino

April 18, 2024



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Fuerza Regida, one of the biggest Mexican regional bands, has just announced a show at the Amerant Bank Arena on Sunday, July 28, as part of the Pero No Te Enamores Tour. The U.S. tour was announced Tuesday on frontman Jesus Ortiz Paz's Instagram, where he had been teasing something special for April 12, the date general tickets will be on sale.

The band has quickly become one of the biggest acts — not just regional Mexican music, but Latin music as a whole, collaborating with superstar DJ Marshmello, Mexican-American pop star Becky G, and Colombian megastar Shakira.

The group, comprised of Ortiz (AKA JOP), Samuel Jaimez on requinto, Khrystian Ramos on guitarrón, Jose Garcia on tuba, and Moises Lopez on tololoche, has climbed the Latin charts ever since the single "Radicamos en South Central" blew up in 2018.

The band's latest projects, Pa Las Baby's y Belikeada and Dolido Pero No Arrepentido, both reached the number two spot on Billboard'sLatin Albums chart. Fuerza Regida's latest hits, "TQM," "Sabor Fresa," and the Marshmello-assisted "Harley Quinn," all boast more than 400 million streams on Spotify and have charted on Billboard'sLatin Airplay.

Fuerza's status as one of the names that blew up with the corridos tumbado movement, which also brought contemporaries Junior H and Natanael Cano into the mainstream, has helped push the group forward as one of the genre's innovators.

With a background in backyard and ranch parties, Fuerza's popularity grew due to its live presentation.

The members' onstage personas helped make the live shows quite the spectacle, complete with a live band, shots taken on stage, and fan interactions. With flashy clothes and giant LED visuals, Fuerza's shows tend to feel like a hip-hop concert combined with the atmosphere of a Mexican party.

With the group continuing to push the boundaries of what a regional Mexican show can look like, Fuerza Regida will be one of this summer's must-see concerts.

June 6 Austin, TX Moody Center
June 9 Edinburg, TX Bert Ogden Arena
June 14 Oklahoma City, OK Paycom Center
June 15 Ridgedale, MO Thunder Ridge Nature Arena
June 16 Kansas City, MO T-Mobile Center
June 21 San Diego, CA Viejas Arena
June 22 Phoenix, AZ Footprint Center
June 29 Portland, OR Moda Center
June 30 Seattle, WA Climate Pledge Arena
July 6 San Jose, CA SAP Center
July 7 Fresno, CA Save Mart Center at Fresno State
July 13 Houston, TX Toyota Center
July 20 Dallas, TX Dos Equis Pavilion
July 26 Atlanta, GA State Farm Arena
July 27 Tampa, FL Amalie Arena
July 28 Sunrise, FL Amerant Bank Arena
August2 Greensboro, NC Greensboro Coliseum Complex
August4 Belmont Park, NY UBS Arena
August16 Milwaukee, WI Fiserv Forum
August 17 Indianapolis, IN Gainbridge Fieldhouse
September1 Tinley Park, IL Credit Union 1 Amphitheatre
September6 Salt Lake City, UT Delta Center
September8 Denver, CO Ball Arena
September15 Las Vegas, NV T-Mobile Arena
September20 San Antonio, TX Frost Bank Center
September21 El Paso, TX UTEP Don Haskins Center
September28 Anaheim, CA Honda Center
September 29 Palm Desert, CA Acrisure Arena
October5 Sacramento, CA Golden 1 Center
October11 Leon, MX Mega Velaria*
October12 Mexico City, MX Plaza De Toros
October 31 Monterrey, MX Arena Monterrey
November1 Monterrey, MX Arena Monterrey
November2 Torreon, MX Coliseo Centenario
November7 Oaxaca, MX Auditorio GNP
November9 San Luis Potosi, MX El Domo
November 16 Inglewood, CA Intuit Dome

Fuerza Regida. 8 p.m. Sunday, July 28, at Amerant Bank Arena, 1 Panther Pkwy., Sunrise; 954-835-7000; amerantbankarena.com. Tickets go on sale Friday, April 12, at 10 a.m. via seatgeek.com.

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Fuerza Regida Brings Pero No Te Enamores Tour to Amerant Bank Arena (2024)
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