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Slideshow Maker for iPhone and iPod

App name: Photo Slideshow Director (For, iPad, iPhone and iPod touch)
Requirements: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later.

What did our customers say?

slideshow maker for ios

Very nice - "Goooood" - by sameh Khallaf

One - "Perfect! I love it.....the B E S T!!!!!!" - by Full blooded fil

Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! - "I love this app because I don't have to get on a computer and go to microsoft office! This app has effects and staff!" - by M$4

AMAZING - "I LOVE this app. Highly recommended!!(:" - by Crazygirl232

Perfect app! Love it! - "Great app! very easy to use to make your own video and slideshow! and the ui is also cute and nice~ Highly recommended!" - by xbetayll

The best!!!!!! - "I love this app. It is so much easier to do. In my opinion a 5 star. Excellent job." - by LORI RAY

Good - "Well, practical" - by XenoOcer

Easy - "And great." - by Ducttapge4ever

Love it - "Tried everything so far but video render and video out and love it! I can rearrange the pictures by holding and sliding. Exactly what I was in need of! Looking fwd to updates!" - by Pastor Rob Casey

Awesome - "Very easy to use. Perfectly working. Even u can make a video with still image @720p with chosen music and effect with a short time." - by Dr. Kabir

Great app - "I like this app a lot. It's pretty good." - by Juicymaine

Amazing!! - "I have been looking for a decent slideshow app for ages and this is much better than anything else on the app store. It's simple and does everything I need it to. Totally worth it!!" - by Awwweeesssooommmeee

What did our reviewers say?

The perfect slideshow maker for your iPhone and iPad - "...Slideshow+, the app we are going to talk about in the review is highly advanced due to the variety of customizations it offers.Slideshow+ is one of the most advanced and easy to use picture presentation app available on the app store. The HD version of the app offers full HD 1080p support and more enhancements over the native iPhone version..." - More...

Photo Slideshow HD allows you to create a professional looking slideshow right on your iPad. - "...This app is really intuitive and the four icons will guide you along the way. We begin our slideshow by choosing our images, followed up by musical selection (if any), best of all multiple tracks for the slideshow can be chosen. Next select the slideshow theme, and finally choose the export settings. Now tap the full screen icon, sit back and enjoy! At $1.99, Photo Slideshow HD is competitively priced and will generate some awesome looking slideshows and videos in just a few minutes – highly recommended..." - More...

Create Photo and Video Slideshows with Your iPad! - "...Photo Slideshow Director (by Shenzhen Socusoft Co). is an iPad photography application that allows you to quickly and easily create great-quality photo slideshows and music videos that can be uploaded to Youtube, Facebook or shown on an HDTV. Creating a music video or photo slideshow is extremely intuitive and easy to do with this application..." - More...

Photo Slideshow Director – Your iPhoto For iPad - "...Shenzhen Socusoft Co has developed ‘Photo Slideshow Director’, using which you can create slide shows with background music in no time. This app reduces our time and effort to create a slide show, so everyone will like it. Its a great deal for $2.99..." - More..