How to create a photo slideshow on iPhone

After a travel or holiday, you have tons of photos for sharing with friends. An interesting way to share photos is to turn photos to a stunning slideshow and post the photo slideshow to Facebook and YouTube. After saving a photo slideshow on iPhone, you can watch it anywhere you go conveniently. Photo Slideshow Director is a smart photo / video app for iPhone to create kinds of eye-catching slideshows. No matter you want to create wedding slideshows, birthday slideshows or any other slideshows, this iPhone slideshow software will never disappoint you with its powerful feature.

Photo Slideshow Director is the best iPhone slideshow maker. With this iOS slideshow app, you can:

  • Make stand-alone slideshows on iPhone with photos and songs
  • Personalize your slideshows with transitions, pan / zoom and theme
  • Edit your photos and add text and subtitltes
  • Import photos from Photo Library and Picasa,Facebook,Flickr and other web albums
  • Upload slideshows to Facebook, YouTube, Dropbox and SkyDrive directly
  • More

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Step-by-step guide on making slideshows on iPhone

1. Import your photos and music

Open Photo Slideshow Director on your iPhone, you can see five main menus: Photo, Music, Theme, Play and Export. Tap Photo icon to add photos from Photo Library and Web albums. The slideshow app enables you to import photos from Picasa, Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, SkyDrive and Instagram by signing into your accounts.

import photos to iphone slideshow maker

Tap the "Music" icon to add songs to the slideshow from your iPhone Music Library. You can add music via Albums, Artists, Composers or Songs. After adding music, "Background Music List" will appear, showing all music you have added. Hit "Background Music List", you can play, remove, and arrange added music. Tap the "Clock" icon next to "Gear" icon in the upper right corner, you can sync slideshow to music to make them play in pace.

add songs to slideshow

2. Organize photos

Tap any one photo, then tap the pencil icon in the upper left corner to bring up the functional bar (including 6 option icons). You can organize and edit photos using these options. Description for these functional options from left to right:

  • icon 1: Add black images
  • icon 2: Add subtitles on slides
  • icon 3: Arrange photo order and delete photos in batches
  • icon 4: Delete current selecting photo
  • icon 5: Customize pan / zoom effect with pan, pinch and rotation gestures
  • icon 6: Bring up the built-in powerful photo editor
organize photos in slideshow

3. Select transitions for slideshow

The app randomly applies transitions between photos once photos are imported. Hoever you can touch the dice icon between two photos to change transitions. There are kinds of transitions for choosing. You can slect transitons one by one or ally one trantion to all slides.

4. Slideshow settings

Tap the gear icon in the upper right corner to bring up the "Options" window. In the "Options" window, you can set time duration for each slide and transition. Turn on "Repeat at end", you can create a looping slideshow. If you do not turn on "Portrait Full Screen", you will view the slideshow in Landscape screen. "Delete Movie Files" allow you to delete all previous movies files, so they will not take up your iPhone capacity.

You can save the video slideshow in 2 formats: mp4 or mov. Tap "Output Video Format" to select one video format.

set time for slides and transitions

5. Preview the slideshow on iPhone

Tap the "Play" icon to preview the slideshow on your iPhone. You can view the slideshow in both protrait view and landscape view(see step 5).

6. Output a slideshow

After personalizing a slideshow, you can save and share it. Tap the "Export" icon, you can see all available sharing options.

  • 1. Stream the slideshow on HDTV from iPhone
  • 2. Save to Photo Library as a video for viewing latter
  • 3. Upload to Dropbox, SkyDrive, YouTube and Facebook for sharing directly
  • 4. Transfer the slideshow to PC via WiFi
output a slideshow as video